1847: The Brontë Sisters write Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights in Haworth [New!]

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1820 – Patrick Brontë becomes the Anglican curate of the parish of Haworth, United Kingdom and moves there with his wife Maria and his children: Maria (age 6), Elizabeth (age 5), Charlotte (age 4), Branwell (age 3), Emily (age 2) and baby Anne, born in January.

1824 – After the passing of their mother, the daughters begin their education on Cowan Bridge School, established to educate the daughters of middle class clergy. As the Brontë are not wealthy, the daughters are considered “charity children” and teased by the other children.

1825 – Sent home ill from school in May, the young Maria dies from tuberculosis. The sisters are immediately withdrawn, but it’s too late for Elizabeth who dies at home in June.

For the next few years the surviving children will stay at home. Bright and curious, everything is for them a opportunity to study and write, inventing tales of imaginary worlds.
Growing up, they serve as governesses.

1833 – After attending the school of Miss Wooler in Roe Head, Charlotte, 17, is offered a teaching position. She accepts and Emily joins the school as a student.
As she graduates and briefly teaches like her sisters, Emily continues to writes poems, sometimes referencing the imaginary place invented with her sisters during their childhood, Gondal.

1845 – Reunited at Haworth, the sisters take their literary endeavors more seriously. Emily has been penning more poems set in Gondal, and is about to start writing Wuthering Heights.
Anne is working on a book of her own: Agnes Grey, partly based on her experience as a governess, so is Charlotte.
The same year, they start collaborating on a book of poems, signed with androgynous pseudonyms and published in 1846 as Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell.

1846 – Charlotte’s first novel The Professor is rejected, but she starts writing her second in August. Titled Jane Eyre, the book is written on a first-person perspective and borrows from Charlotte’s life as a child and governess.

1847Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey are accepted for publication.
Jane Eyre is published in October, under the nom de plume Currer Bell. A stream of reviews follows, noting its radicality, both in writing and intent.

Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights are published in December to great acclaim, especially for the latter.

1848 – As a second edition of Jane Eyre is published, a stage adaptation follows on January 31 at at the Victoria Theatre, London.
Charlotte turns 32 on April 21; a third edition is released soon after.

June sees the release of Anne second novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Tragedy strikes in September as Branwell, brother of the Brontë, dies from tuberculosis.
Charlotte falls ill, prompting her to put aside her new novel, Shirley.
She will recover, but not her sister as Emily’s health quickly deteriorates.

Emily collapses on December 18 and dies from tuberculosis the following day, before the doctor’s arrival.

1849 – Anne, always of weak condition and hurt by grief, declines as well.
Charlotte plans a travel with her sister to the seaside, and they arrive at Scarborough, North Yorkshire on May 25.
Anne knows Scarborough, having spent each summer there from 1840 to 1845 and featured several locations in her novel Agnes Grey.
They wander at the beach, but it proves too much for Anne, needing some rest.

Anne wakes up at 7 a.m the following day. At 11 she sees a change, stating that she had not long to live: she passes away three hours later.

Having lost two sisters and a brother in a few months, Charlotte copes with grief by writing and finishes Shirley in August, published the following year.

1850 – To honor the memory of her sisters, Charlotte revises Wuthering Heights and releases a selection of poems by Anne and Emily.

movie_icon&16 Actress and writer Vivian Kerr teamed up with director Alexa Hann to produce the short film Lines, an imaginary look at the complex relationship between Charlotte and Emily Brontë, played by Vivian and Marion Kerr.

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