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IconYearAdventureAuthors & CharactersTypePlacesPanoramaPostedRotation
2004Opening of McNally Jackson
Sarah McNallyBookstores & LibrariesNew York, USA
1997Incident at the Korean Border in J.S.APark-Chan WookCinema, CharactersSouth KoreaLaunch
1977Pi & a Bengal Tiger stranded in the Pacific OceanLife of PiCinema, CharactersLaunch
1976Neville is the last human on EarthRichard Matheson's I Am LegendCinema, Characters,
1974Stephen King at the Stanley HotelStephen King, The ShiningCinema, , Authors, ,YESLaunch
1964Whitman's Le Mistral becomes Shakespeare & Company, Bookstores & Libraries
, , YESLaunch
1964The American Library final relocationBookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1960Jack Kerouac lives in Big Sur, CaliforniaJack KerouacAuthorsUSA, YESUpdate 1
1960Hitchcock releases Psycho, CinemaNew York, USA
1958Paddington Bear arrives at Paddington StationPaddington Bear, , , LondonYESLaunch
1957Dr. Seuss writes The Grinch and The Cat In The Hat Launch
1956The Strand relocates on BroadwayBookstores & Libraries,
New York, USA
1955Kepler's Books opens in CaliforniaKepler's BooksBookstores & Libraries,
1953City Lights opens in San FranciscoCity LightsBookstores & Libraries,
1953J. D. Salinger withdraws from public lifeJ. D. SalingerUSALaunch
1952The American Library in Paris moves to the Champs-ÉlyséesBookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1952C.S. Lewis meets Joy DavidmanC.S Lewis, , Launch
1951George Whitman opens Le Mistral, Bookstores & Libraries
, , YESLaunch
1948James Baldwin writes at Saint-GermainJames Baldwin, , YESLaunch
1944Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's plane is shot at seaAntoine de Saint Exupéry, , Launch
1942Roald Dahl becomes a spy seducerRoald Dahl, USAYESLaunch
1936Ernest Hemingway meets Martha Gellhorn, USA, YESLaunch
1936The American Library in Paris moves to rue de TeheranBookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1934Mary Poppins flies to LondonP. L. Travers, Mary Poppins , , , LondonYESLaunchYES
1931Anaïs Nin meets Henry Miller, , YESLaunch
1928The Fitzgeralds at 58 rue de Vaugirard, , YESLaunch
1928Virginia Woolf writes A Room Of One's OwnVirginia WoolfAuthors, , LondonYESUpdate 1
1927The Strand opens on 4th Avenue, New YorkBookstores & Libraries,
New York, USA
1926Agatha Christie reappears at the Swan Hotel, YESLaunch
1926Agatha Christie's car is found empty, Launch
1926Agatha Christie disappears, Launch
1926Winnie The Pooh hangs out at Ashdown ForestWinnie The Pooh , , YESLaunch
1925Fitzgerald & Hemingway meet at the Dingo Bar, , , YESLaunch
1921Shakespeare & Company relocates at 12 rue de l'Odéon, Bookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1921Ezra Pound moves to Paris & befriend Hemingway , , , YESLaunch
1920The American Library in Paris is created Bookstores & Libraries, , Launch
1920Gotham Book Mart opens in New YorkGotham Book MartBookstores & LibrariesNew York, USA
1919Sylvia Beach opens the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Bookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1919Jean Cocteau meets Raymond Radiguet, , , YESLaunch
1915Adrienne Monnier opens La Maison des Amis des Livres, , Bookstores & Libraries, , YESLaunch
1907Edith Wharton arrives in Paris, , YESLaunch
1904J. M. Barrie writes Peter Pan , , LondonYESLaunchYES
1903Gertrude Stein moves to 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris, , , YESLaunch
1902The Martians Invade Earth in HG Wells' War Of The Worlds, , Authors, Launch
1900Oscar Wilde dies in Paris, , , YESLaunch
1900Three girls vanish at Hanging Rock, AustraliaPicnic At Hanging Rock, Hanging Rock, Joan Lindsay, Launch
1895Oscar Wilde is arrested at the Cadogan Hotel, London, , , LondonYESLaunch
1894Adam Clark Vroman creates Vroman’s BookstoreVroman's BookstoreBookstores & LibrariesUSA, YESLaunchYES
1891Sherlock Holmes disappears at the Reichenbach Falls, , , LondonLaunch
1890Vincent Van Gogh dies from a gunshot wound, , YESLaunch
1887The Horla haunts The Narrator in Maupassant's The Horla, , Authors , Launch
1881Sherlock Holmes & John Watson rent a flat on 221B Baker Street , , , LondonYESLaunch
1874Mark Twain writes Tom Sawyer in Hartford, ConnecticutMark TwainAuthors, USAYESUpdate 1YES
1853Harriet Beecher Stowe travels to ParisHarriet Beecher StoweAuthors, , YESLaunch
1847The Brontë Sisters write Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights in HaworthThe Brontë Sisters: Charlotte, Emily & AnneAuthors, YESUpdate 1
1845Edgar Allan Poe writes The Raven In New YorkEdgar Allan Poe, , New York, USAYESUpdate 1YES
1816Mary Shelley creates Frankenstein, Authors, , YESLaunchYES
1809Jane Austen rewrites Sense & Sensibility, Pride & PrejudiceAuthors, YESLaunch
1802Birth of Alexandre Dumas at Chateau de NoüeAuthors, Launch
1785Mrs Lovett sells strange meat pies, , LondonYESLaunch
1785Sweeney Todd opens a barbershop on 186 Fleet Street, London, , LondonYESLaunch
1605Don Quixote fights windmills in La ManchaCervantes, Don Quixote, Launch
1308Dante writes The Divine ComedyDante AlighieriAuthors, , YESLaunch
0950H.P. Lovecraft's CthulhuH.P. Lovecraft, , , Launch

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Posted: August 16, 2014

Author: Fabien Hurelle

Category: Index